A brief review is given of the effects of CP violation on the direct detection of neutralinos in dark matter detectors. We first summarize the current developments using the cancellation mechanism which allows for the existence of large CP violating phases consistent with experimental limits on the electron and on the neutron electric dipole moments in a broad class of SUSY, string and D brane models. We then discuss their effects on the scattering of neutralinos from quarks and on the event rates. It is found that while CP effects on the event rates can be enormous such effects are reduced significantly with the imposition of the EDM constraints. However, even with the inclusion of the EDM constraints the effects are still very significant and should be included in a precision prediction of event rates in any SUSY, string or D brane model.


Originally posted at http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0005109v1. Preprint of an article published in Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe, 2000.


neutralinos, high energy physics phenomenology

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Dark matter (Astronomy), Phenomenological theory (Physics), CP violation (Nuclear physics)



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