One loop contributions to the Higgs boson masses and mixings from the chargino sector consisting of the chargino, the W, and the charged Higgs boson (χ⁺ − W − H⁺) exchanges and including the effects of large CP violating phases are computed. It is found that the chargino sector makes a large contribution to the mixings of the CP even and the CP odd Higgs sectors through the induced one loop effects and may even dominate the mixing generated by the stop and the sbottom sectors. Effects of the chargino sector contribution to the Higgs boson masses are also computed. It is found that the sum of the χ⁺ − W − H⁺ exchange contribution lowers the lightest Higgs boson mass and worsens the fine tuning problem implied by the LEP data. Phenomenological implications of these results are discussed.


Originally posted at http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0008237v2. Preprint of an article published in Physical Review D, v.63 no.3, 2001.


chargino sector, CP phases, high energy physics phenomenology, charged Higgs exchange loops

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Higgs bosons, CP violation (Nuclear physics), Phenomenological theory (Physics)



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