We analyze the electric dipole moment of the electron (dₑ), of the neutron (dn), and of the muon (dμ), using the cancellation mechanism in the presence of nonuniversalities of the soft breaking parameters. It is shown that the nonuniversalities in the slepton sector produce a strong violation of the scaling relation dμ/dₑ≃mμ/mₑ in the cancellation region. An analysis of dₑ, d,n, and dμ under the constraints of the current experimental limits on dₑ and dn, and under the constraints of the recent Brookhaven result on gμ-2, shows that in the nonscaling region, dμ can be as large as (10⁻2⁴-10⁻23)ecm and thus within reach of the recently proposed Brookhaven experiment for a sensitive search for dμ at the level of 10⁻2⁴ecm.


Originally published in Physical Review D v.64 (2001): 093002. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.64.093002


electric dipole moment, EDM, Slepton flavor nonuniversality, Brookhaven experiment

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Dipole moments, Neutrons, Electrons, Muons




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