We show that EDMs obey a simple approximate scaling under the transformation m₀→λm₀,m1/2→λm1/2 in the large μ region when μ itself obeys the same scaling, i.e., μ⃗λμ. In the scaling region knowledge of a single point in the MSSM parameter space where the cancellation in the EDMs occurs allows one to generate a trajectory in the m₀-m1/2 plane where the cancellation mechanism holds and the EDMs are small. We illustrate these results for the MSSM with radiative electroweak symmetry breaking constraints. We also discuss a class of D-brane models based on type IIB superstring compactifications which have non-universal phases in the gaugino mass sector and allow large CP violating phases consistent with the EDM constraints through the cancellation mechanism. The scaling in these D-brane models and in a heterotic string model is also discussed.


Originally published in Physical Review D v.61 (2000): 093004. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.61.093004


EDM, D-brane models, CP violating phases, SUSY, cancellation mechanism

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String models, Branes




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