A detailed analysis of a Stueckelberg extension of the electro-weak gauge group with an extra abelian U(1)ₓ factor is presented for the Standard Model as well as for the MSSM. The extra gauge boson gets massive through a Stueckelberg type coupling to a pseudo-scalar, instead of a Higgs effect. This new massive neutral gauge boson Z′ has vector and axial vector couplings uniquely different from those of conventional extra abelian gauge bosons, such as appear e.g. in GUT models. The extended MSSM furthermore contains two extra neutralinos and one extra neutral CP-even scalar, the latter with a mass larger than that of the Z′. One interesting scenario that emerges is an LSP that is dominantly composed out of the new neutralinos, leading to a possible new superweak candidate for dark matter. We investigate signatures of the Stueckelberg extension at a linear collider and discuss techniques for the detection of the expected sharp Z′ resonance. It turns out that the substantially modified forward-backward asymmetry around the Z′ pole provides an important signal. Furthermore, we also elaborate on generalizations of the minimal Stueckelberg extension to an arbitrary number of extra U(1) gauge factors.


Originally posted at http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0503208v2. Preprint of an article published in Journal of High Energy Physics, no.7, 2005.


Stueckelberg extension, electroweak gauge group, high energy physics phenomenology, abelian U(1)ₓ factor

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Phenomenological theory (Physics), Bosons, Couplings



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