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Effects of CP phases on $B^0_{s,d}\to \it l^+\it l^-$ in supersymmetry at large $\tan\beta$


An analytic analysis of the CP violating effects arising from the soft SUSY breaking parameters on the decays $B^0_{s,d}\to \it l^+\it l^-$ at large $\tan\beta$ is given. It is found that the phases have a strong effect on the branching ratio and in some regions of the parameter space they can lead to a variation of the branching ratio by as much as 1-2 orders of magnitude. These results have important implications for the discovery of the $B^0_{s}\to \mu^+\mu^-$ signal in RUNII of the Tevatron and further on how the parameter space of SUSY models will be limited once the signal is found.


Originally posted at Preprint of an article published in Physical Review D, v.67 no.1, 2003.


high energy physics phenomenology, $B^0_{s, d}\to \it l^+\it l^-$, $\tan\beta$, SUSY

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CP violation (Nuclear physics), Supersymmetry



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