We extend previous analyses of the supersymmetric loop correction to the charged Higgs couplings to include the coupling $H^{\pm}\chi^{\mp}\chi^0$. The analysis completes the previous analyses where similar corrections were computed for $H^+\bar t b$ ($H^-t\bar b$), and for $H^+\tau^- \bar\nu_{\tau}$ ($H^- \tau^+ \nu_{\tau}$) couplings within the minimal supersymmetric standard model. The effective one loop Lagrangian is then applied to the computation of the charged Higgs decays. The sizes of the supersymmetric loop correction on branching ratios of the charged Higgs $H^+(H^-)$ into the decay modes $t\bar b$ ($\bar t b$), $\bar\tau\nu_{\tau}$ ($\tau \bar \nu_{\tau}$), and $\chi_i^+\chi_j^0(\chi_i^-\chi_j^0)$ (i=1,2; j=1-4) are investigated and the supersymmetric loop correction is found to be significant, i.e., in the range 20-30% in significant regions of the parameter space. The loop correction to the decay mode $\chi_1^{\pm}\chi_2^0$ is examined in specific detail as this decay mode leads to a trileptonic signal. The effects of CP phases on the branching ratio are also investigated. A brief discussion of the implications of the analysis for collders is given.


Originally posted at http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0404275v1. Preprint of an article published in Physical Review D, v.71 no.3, 2004.


high energy physics phenomenology, $\chi^+_i\chi_j^0H^-$, Higgs decays, Lagrangian

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Supersymmetry, Higgs bosons



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