Timely and cost-effective acquisition of spare parts at post product life cycle (PPLC) is a challenging task due to limited supply of new spare parts. The most commonly used solution to this problem is the placement of a final order in the beginning of PPLC. Another alternative is the use of disassembled parts from End of Life (EOL) products. In this study, we consider both alternatives at the same time. First, a detailed discrete event simulation (DES) model of a disassembly line is developed. Then, a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is integrated with the DES model for the optimization of Final Order Quantities (FOQs) for critical spare parts.


Originally published in the Proceedings of the 2009 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference, Uncasville, CT, April 1-3, 2009 (CD-ROM)


end-of-life processing, post product life cycle, spare parts inventory management


Industrial Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Northeast Decision Sciences Institute

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