Thin amorphous films of nominal composition Gd₂Fe₁₄B were fabricated on Si (100) substrates using ion‐beam sputtering for the purpose of establishing their structural and magnetic properties at room temperature. X‐ray‐diffraction scans performed on as‐deposited and annealed films revealed an amorphous structure. The as‐deposited saturation magnetization was found to be 8101 G at room temperature suggesting ferrimagnetic ordering with anti‐parallel coupling similar to other heavy rare earth‐transition metal systems. Results from in‐plane and perpendicular ferromagnetic resonance experiments conducted at 9.108 GHz showed the films to be inhomogeneous. This was evident from the presence of two in‐plane resonance lines and spin‐wave spectra that were not quadratic. Annealing at 300 °C for 30 min significantly reduced the absorption of the second in‐plane resonance and restored classical n² law spin‐wave behavior. It is speculated that the origin of the inhomogeneities is due to the kinetics of the deposition process where the increased mobility of the condensing Fe atoms leads to interspersed amorphous regions which are rich in Fe and Gd, respectively.


The following article appeared in Bushnell, S.E., Dorsey, P.C., Nowak, W.B., & Vittoria, C. (1993). Structural and magnetic characterization of amorphous Gd₂Fe₁₄B thin films. Journal of Applied Physics, 73(10), 6491-6493.


amorphous materials


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