For a prospective reverse supply chain to operate efficiently, the designing of that chain must involve selection of collection centers and recovery facilities that have sufficient success potentials. These success potentials depend heavily on the participation (in the reverse supply chain) of three important groups that have multiple, conflicting, and incommensurate goals. Therefore, the potentials must be evaluated based on the maximized consensus among the three groups, viz., (i) Consumers whose primary concern is convenience, (ii) Local government officials whose primary concern is environmental consciousness, and (iii) Supply chain company executives whose primary concern is profit. In this paper, we propose a three-phase multi-criteria group approach to select collection centers as well as recovery facilities, of sufficient success potentials. In the first phase of the approach, we identify important criteria for evaluation of the alternatives (collection centers as well as recovery facilities) for each of the above three groups. In the second phase, we give weights to the criteria of each group using the Eigen vector method, and then, employ the TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) to find the success potential of each alternative, as evaluated by that group. Then, in the third and final phase, we use Borda’s choice rule that, for each alternative, combines individual success potentials into a group success potential or maximized consensus ranking. We also employ a GIS-based application, MapLand, to “map” the results obtained in the second and the third phases of our approach.


Originally published in the Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment, Phoenix, AZ, May 10-13, 2004 (CD-ROM)


reverse supply chain, Mapland


Industrial Engineering | Mechanical Engineering



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