There is a high level uncertainty associated with disassembly yield due to existence of unfunctional and/or unneeded components in end of life products. Sensors embedded in critical components of a product can deal with this uncertainty by providing information on the type and condition of the components prior to disassembly. This study presents a quantitative assessment of the impact of sensor embedded products (SEPs) on the various performance measures of a kanban-controlled washing machine disassembly line. First, separate design of experiments studies based on orthogonal arrays are performed for the cases with and without SEPs. Then, the results of paired-t tests comparing two cases based on different performance measures are presented.


Originally published in the Proceedings of the 2010 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference, Alexandria, Virginia, March 26-28, 2010 (CD-ROM)


sensor embedded products, end-of-life processing


Industrial Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Northeast Decision Sciences Institute

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