Yiannis A. Levendis


Henning Richter

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Northeastern University

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Master of Science

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College of Engineering. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


environmental engineering, chemical engineering, carbon nanotube, conversion, CVD synthesis, energy, flame synthesis, waste plastic


Mechanical Engineering


Generation of non-biodegradable wastes, such as plastics, and resulting land as well as water pollution therefrom discarded plastics have been continuously increasing, while landfill space decreases and recycling markets dwindle. Exploration of novel uses of such materials becomes therefore imperative. Here I present an innovative and unique partial conversion of plastic waste to valuable carbon nanomaterials. It is an overall exothermic and scalable process based on feeding waste plastics to a multi-stage, pyrolysis/combustion-synthesis reactor. Plain stainless steel screens are used as substrates as well as low-cost catalyst for both carbon nanomaterials synthesis and pyrolyzates generation. Nano carbon yields of as high as 13.6% of the weight of the polymer precursor were recorded. This demonstration provides a sustainable solution to both plastic waste utilization, and carbon nanomaterials mass production.

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Master's Thesis

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copyright 2009

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Chuanwei Zhuo

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