Constantinos Mavroidis


Maureen Holden

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Degree Grantor

Northeastern University

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Master of Science

Department or Academic Unit

College of Engineering. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


Mechatronics, Rehabilitation Devices, Stroke Rehabilitation, Video Games, Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality

Subject Categories

Three-dimensional display systems, Virtual reality therapy, Medical instruments and apparatus


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


This thesis presents the design and implementation of software for three virtual reality (VR) motor rehabilitation systems for patients post stroke. The addition of virtual reality software to advanced rehabilitation devices (described in this thesis as a VR system) has opened new doors for in home and clinical rehabilitation. The first project presented is the design of a Multiple User Virtual Environment for Rehabilitation (MUVER). This low cost system is designed for in home rehabilitation of the hand and arm. The MUVER system uses a P5 Glove as an input device and was designed using the Panda 3D game engine. By combining virtual interactions with rehabilitation exercises and computer game design theory the MUVER is able to augment conventional rehabilitation and assist with patient's motivation. The second project discussed is the Active Hand Rehabilitation Interface (ARHI). The AHRI uses custom hardware designed to provide two degrees of freedom to the user's hand and wrist. Because the ARHI is actuated it is able to provide force feedback during rehabilitation. A virtual environment system was created in Panda 3D for the ARHI to display practitioner created mazes that mimic rehabilitation exercises. The last project discussed is the VRehab Bicycle Rehabilitation System. Custom hardware was created for this VR system as well as interface software to communication between the hardware sensors and the VR software. This interface software was capable of data logging as well as transmission of data using the user datagram protocol (UDP). Overall it is shown throughout the thesis that the use of VR software with advanced rehabilitation devices can augment and improve patient's motor rehabilitation post stroke.

Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Mark Langdon Sivak

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