Mohammad Taslim


Solar distillation is an often overlooked method for providing potable water to coastal, poverty stricken nations with abundant amounts of solar energy available. A single asymmetrical, automatic feed solar distiller was designed to take advantage of the solar energy available in these regions, such as Somalia, Africa. During this process, factors that will optimize single day productivity while minimizing costs have been explored. All aspects that will affect clean water output have been analyzed including: effect of surface area on productivity, material selection and analysis, overall thermal efficiency, and the potential effectiveness of an automatic water feed system. Factors that will directly impact overall build cost per unit have also been evaluated, such as material selection, size, and simplicity. The final design adds numerous features to increase the efficiency of a basic asymmetrical solar still.


Capstone Design, MIM-U702, Technical Design Report, Second-Quarter Report

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December 2007


water distillation, solar power


Mechanical Engineering

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