Yiannis A. Levendis


This paper is a report on the progress of our hypothetical engineering consultant company, the Alternative Energy Group, in its design of an economical process to produce tire derived fuel(TDF). Our client has commissioned our team to design a process that produces 100mm TDF powder at a price that is cost competitive with coal. His goal is to blend it with pulverized coal and burn it in existing pulverized fuel boilers. We have evaluated various methods for pulverizing tires A brief description of these methods is included in this paper. After assessing each of the methods, we have decided on a three stage process. The first is a primary cut stage, that will be performed by water jets, this stage will remove the bead wire and then divide the tire into 8-15 segments to one inch chips. Product from the first stage is fed into a series of shredders that reduce the tire segments to one inch chips The final stage will cryogenically pulverize the tire chips to the desired particle size using a hammermill. An initial economic analysis, included herein, proves the potential for this process to produce low-cost TDF. Finally, the report describes future plans for optimization of this design.


Capstone Design Course, Project #W96/S96-5

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May 1996


tire derived fuel (TDF), Alternative Energy Group

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