Works from 2010


Perceptions of healthcare, health status, and discrimination among African-American veterans, Nathaniel M. Rickles, Silvia Domínguez (1961-), and Hortensia Amaro (1950-)

Works from 2009


Trial of the University Assistance Program for alcohol use among mandated students, Hortensia Amaro (1950-), Marilyn Ahl, Atsushi Matsumoto, Guillermo Prado, Christina Mulé, Amaura Kemmerer, Mary E. Larimer, Dale A. Masi, and Philomena Mantella

Works from 2006


Brief screening for co-occurring disorders among women entering substance abuse treatment, Alisa K. Lincoln, Jane M. Liebschutz, Miriam Chernoff, Dana Nguyen, and Hortensia Amaro (1950-)