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GSM and SMS capabilities


Waleed M. Meleis


The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and the Short Message Service (SMS) are two technologies that the Remote Car Controller depend on in order to communicate. Because a major part of the project is being able to communicate between a mobile phone and a receiving station, this paper will discuss the properties of each of the technologies and how they will affect the overall product. It will go through the history up to the present day to show how each has had an impact on communications, and how each is used in the world today. It will also talk about how a call is made over the GSM network from a mobile phone, and how one can be received from the network to a mobile phone. This will help to understand how each service works, and how it can be used to benefit the ability for the Remote Car Controller to communicate.

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Wireless communication systems


remote car controller, starter

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Northeastern University

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Dennis Cuccaro

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