Ann M. Dylis


While conducting a secondary analysis of previously collected data (Dylis, 2003) on parents of children with a chronic illness, significant differences were discovered between partnered and un-partnered parents on the major study variables. Specifically, these groups seemed to adopt different coping methods. The purpose of this project is to review current literature in order to explore what is known about this difference and use this literature as part of a manuscript regarding issues facing partnered and un-partnered parents and specific nursing interventions to support these parents.

If the difference in coping methods is found to be accurate, this could have great implications for nursing practice. This knowledge would allow the nurse to more adequately prepare the parents and provide them with appropriate and effective resources for coping, based on their individual coping methods.

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Parenting, Nursing


children with chronic illness, parents, nursing, coping skills

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Northeastern University

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Vanessa L. Russo

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