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Neuropsychological sequelae of mild traumatic brain injury


Magdalena A. Mateo


Studies have proven that mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI), commonly known as concussions, can result in cognitive and functional impairment. This impairment is often a result of misdiagnosing and/or the unavailability of resources to properly evaluate a mild traumatic brain injury. In clinical and hospital settings nurses are often faced with patients who have incurred a MTBI, however, they may not be aware of the evalution tools available to them in order to accurately assess their patient. The first part of this paper will review the criteria that defines a MTBI, signs and symptoms associated with a MTBI, and symptoms that patients can experience following this injury. The second part of this article will present, compare, and contrast various tools used to assess and diagnose patients. The goal of this paper is to provide nurses with the necessary tools and knowledge that is required to properly assess, treat, and teach a patient who has sustained a MTBI.

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nursing, MTBI, concussion, patient education, brain injury

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Northeastern University

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Megan Healy

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