Hamid N. Nayeb Hashemi


The MiniBaja Vehicle is an off-road race vehicle powered by a small gasoline engine. As is such the combination frame and roll cage must be equally strong and light. In an effort to fulfill the rules set down by the governing body and ensure proper integration, strength, and weight minimimization; it is imperative to properly analyze the material properties and geometry as well as the overall design geometry. Using a combination of Microsoft Excel, Solidworks, and Algor; the design of the 2004-2005 MiniBaja vehicle was optimized for weight and strength. Microsoft Excel was utlized to optimize the material usage as well as to calculate the proper loading forces on the vehicle. The combination of Solidworks and Algor allowed the design and analysis of the frame to be an iterative and intelligent process. While most additions to the design of the frame were made, some were unable to be implemented due to pre-existing design constraints. However the results of the analysis will be used to aid future frame designs in an effort to have the best balance between weight and strength while maintaining adherence to the governing guidelines.


MiniBaja is a collegiate competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

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Mechanical engineering


vehicle design, MiniBaja

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Northeastern University


Mechanical Engineering

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Jonathan Hastie

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