The driving forces behind product take-back and green manufacturing are well established. The two main product end-of-life options are reuse/remanufacturing and recycling. For either option, all take-back units are treated equally because no information that tracks the conditions of a product during its useful life is available. For example, all expired PCs are treated equally, no distinction can be made about which units still have healthy hard disks. This paper discusses sensor-based monitoring and prognostic methodologies for tracking the condition of products while being used by customers and timely and targeted servicing, smart and selective disassembling and refurbishing of products with known (long) remaining lives. The paper also discusses the added benefits to product manufacturers when the time comes to redesign their products. The real-time field data on service and utilization of products are communicated to manufacturers' headquarters for further analysis.


Product take-back, Green manufacturing, Design for disassembly, Smart Sensors, Sensors Networks, Computational models

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Production engineering



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