A remanufacturing system is prone to inefficiencies because of built-in uncertainties and complexities of the nature of the operations. One way to improve the performance of the system is to distribute a given number of available buffer slots among the stations in a strategic manner. In this paper we present a near optimal buffer allocation plan (NOBAP) specificially developed for remanufacturing systems. To this end, we introduce an algorithm that analyzes the system using an open queueing network with finite buffers and unreliable machines. In order to analyze the queueing network, we use the decomposition principle and expansion methodology. The results obtained by using the algorithm are compared with the ones found using the exhaustive search. The results show that the NOBAP is very rigorous and remarkably accurate.


Originally published in the Proceedings of the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute, Atlantic City, New Jersey, March 22-24, pp. 111-113, 2000


Near optimal buffer allocation plan (NOBAP), Remanufacturing systems, Buffers

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