Thomas P. Cullinane


Sagar V. Kamarthi, M. (Mohamad) Metghalchi, Yaman Yener (1946-)

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Northeastern University

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Master of Science

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College of Engineering. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


Industrial engineering, Global software development

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Computer software--Development, Computer software--Human factors


Computer Sciences


Global software development (GSD) undertakings, whether set up as one time projects or continuous operational structures, are growing in popularity and becoming more common in organizations. With globally distributed software teams implementing projects there are risks and challenges that do not affect the outcome of co-located team software development projects. The present study is concerned with understanding more about the project management characteristics associated with global software development project success. Specifically, the way Agile and Non-Agile management methods coupled with project management characteristics related to project success were investigated. The data collection instrument for this study was a web based survey, consisting of 21 questions. To understand how software management methods impact GSD project success, project management characteristics, including culture, language, communication, experience, tools, and requirements were treated as independent or predictor variables in this study. The dependent variable examined was project success. The results of this study indicate that GSD projects managed using Agile software development project management methods do not experience different levels of project success than GSD projects managed using Non-Agile software development project management methods. The findings of this study show that less frequent changes of requirements on projects, providing appropriate project tools to project team members, and building cultural synergy among the globally distributed team positively affects the outcome of GSD projects, particularly in terms of time, scope, and customer satisfaction.

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Master's Thesis

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Rajko Ilincic

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