We have produced Feₓ-Ni₈₀₋ₓ-B₁₅-Si₅ (x= 20, 40, and 75) and permalloy thin films on a silicon substrate using ion-beam sputtering technique. Four-point probe measurement indicated that quarternary films had 3-4 times higher resistivity than permalloy films, and this ration was not changed after thermal annealing. The values of saturation magnetization were determined to be 5-13 kG depending on Fe concentration. The anisotropy fields of these films were in the ranger of 2-15 Oe after deposition, however, these values were reduced by more than 50% after annealing with field. The lowest value of the anisotropy field was 1.3 Oe for the permalloy film after thermal annealing without field.


Originally published in Journal of Applied Physics 63, 4315 (1988). DOI:10.1063/1.340213 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.340213).


ion beam sputtering technique, FeNiBSi, Feₓ-Ni₈₀₋ₓ-B₁₅-Si₅, permalloy films, quarternary films

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Thin films, Magnetic properties


Electromagnetics and photonics


American Institute of Physics

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American Institute of Physics

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