Magnetically soft amorphous films of FeₓCO₈₀₋ₓB₁₅Si₅ (x = 0,6,23,40,70,80) were ion beam sputter deposited onto fused quartz for static and microwave magnetic characterization. Films ranged in thickness from 220 to 260 nm and were deposited at rates of 0.1-0.2 nm/s. Saturation magnetization, coercivity, and loop squareness values were extracted from hysteresis loops generated by a vibrating sample magnetometer. Ferromagnetic resonance measurements were taken using a 9.5-GHz cavity with the applied magnetic field both parallel and perpendicular to the plane of the film, yielding values for the g factor, anisotropy field, effective magnetization, and linewidth. Well resolved quadratic spin-wave resonance spectra allowed for the deduction of exchange stiffness constants. Hysteresis loops showed well-defined uniaxial in-plane anisotropies for Fe-rich films, with easy axis loop squareness decreasing with decreasing Fe content. Saturation magnetization and effective magnetization values were found to reach a maximum at x = 70 for those compositions investigated. These films were found to have soft magnetic properties comparable to the FeₓNi₈₀₋ₓB₁₅Si₅ alloy films previously investigated.


Originally published in Journal of Applied Physics 67, 5571 (1990). DOI:10.1063/1.345888 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.345888).


saturation magnetization, coercivity, loop squareness values, microwave properties, ion beam sputtered amorphous FEXCO80-XB₁₅, spin wave resonance spectra

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Magnetic properties, Ferromagnetic resonance, Thick films, Hysteresis loop, Anisotropy, Magnetization


Electromagnetics and photonics


American Institute of Physics

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Copyright 1990 American Institute of Physics.

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American Institute of Physics

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