The problem of electromagnetic field calculation in the end-zone of electrical machines is considered in this paper. A three-dimensional field requires using new methods of computing because the existing methods with the concept of vector potential demand unacceptable computer time. The new method consists of replacing the eddy magnetic field by the potential field of magnetic charges for the calculation of field, forces and associated inductances. Electrical currents of the rotor and stator windings are replaced by magnetic charges. it is possible to use just one scalar potential function for the computation instead of three components of the vector potential. The method of scalar potential can be utilized for the calculation of not only the steady magnetic fields but also electromagnetic fields including the effect of eddy currents in conducting screens and plates. This new technique can be very effectively used for modeling and computation of fields in various types of electrical machinery.


Author's manuscript; originally published in Proc. of the 2nd International Electrical Machines Conference, Vienna, Sept 1976.


electrical machinery design, eddy currents, electrical currents, rotors, stator windings, scalar potential, vector potential

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Electromagnetic fields, Digital computer simulation


Electromagnetics and photonics



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