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End-leakage of aerospace homopolar alternators


An accurate knowledge of the magnetic field distribution is of great importance in finding the best designs for electrical machinery. It is the purpose of this paper to present a new numerical method for the determination of three-dimensional flux distribution in the end zone of a high-speed aerospace homopolar alternator, and for the calculation of end leakage reactance. The new analysis is applied to an experimental 95 kVA, 115/200 V, 3400 Hz, 40,800 r/min, three-phase, wye-connected, homopolar alternator.


Author's manuscript; originally published in IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electric Systems, Vol. AES-6, No. 5, pp. 684-691, Sept 1970.


aerospace homopolar alternators, end-winding leakage, electrical machinery, three dimensional flux distribution, numerical methods

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Magnetic fields


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electromagnetics and photonics



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