This paper presents a new method of obtaining an approximate optimized solution of the economic dispatch problem of a power system using the output of a standard loadflow computer program along with a geometric programming algorithm. This digital-computer method is much faster than the existing methods requiring only about thirty seconds on an IBM 360-75 system to obtain a loadflow solution as well as optimize the economic dispatch problem for a system of 203 buses, and requires little additional core storage over the requirements of the loadflow routine.


Author's manuscript; originally published in Proc. of the Fifteenth Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulations, Pittsburgh, PA, April 1974.


loadflow, economic dispatch optimization, power systems, digital computer method, IBM 360-75

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Geometric programming


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Instrument Society of America

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(c) 1974 Sarma Mulukutla et al.

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Sarma Mulukutla et al.

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