The problem of optimum power dispatch has been the object of constant attention of power-system engineers in modern times and its importance is understandably enhanced in these times of energy shortage. This paper presents a new approach for obtaining on-line optimum load scheduling of power systems. The suggested algorithm could be used in conjunction with any standard load-flow routine, requiring little additional core storage. The output of the load-flow program is utilized to acquire a first hand knowledge of the total losses in an integrated power system, which in turn enables one to make an accurate estimate of the loss coefficients. The determination of power generation by different generating stations so as to minimize the given cost functional, subject to the constraints of maximum and minimum generations, and loss equation, is carried out by the constrained Fletcher-Powell method.


Author's manuscript; originally published in the Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulations, Pittsburgh, PA, April 1974.


optimum power dispatch, optimum load scheduling, Fletcher Powell method, load flow program

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Electric power systems


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Power and Energy


Instrument Society of America

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(c) 1974 Divakaruni P. Sudhakar and Mulukutla S. Sarma.

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Divakaruni Sudhakar and Mulukutla Sarma

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