Geant4 is a software toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. It is used by a large number of experiments and projects in a variety of application domains, including high energy physics, astrophysics and space science, medical physics and radiation protection. Its functionality and modeling capabilities continue to be extended, while its performance is enhanced. An overview of recent developments in diverse areas of the toolkit is presented. These include performance optimization for complex setups; improvements for the propagation in fields; new options for event biasing; and additions and improvements in geometry, physics processes and interactive capabilities.


Originally published in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol.53, no.1, pp.270-278, Feb. 2006. doi: 10.1109/TNS.2006.869826


electromagnetic interactions, hadronic interactions, object-oriented technology, particle interactions, physics validation, simulation, physics computing, Geant4

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Electromagnetic interactions - Software, Hadron interactions - Software


Nuclear Engineering | Software Engineering

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