In recent publications, a large enhancement of the third order nonlinear optical susceptibility was predicted for GaAs-GaAIAs superlattices, as a result of the band nonparabolicities introduced by the additional periodicity of the superlattice. These predictions, based on the tight binding model, are here extended to the more realistic Kronig-Penney model. Results show that corrections to tight binding are non-negligible; however, enhancements of χ⁽³⁾ are still large, but reduced by approximately 30%-50% over previous estimates.


The following article appeared in Applied Physics Letters 44, 977 (1984) and may be found at http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.94618.


nonlinear optics, gallium arsenides, aluminium arsenides, superlattices, optical susceptibility, thin films

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Superlattices as materials, Nonlinear optics


Semiconductor and Optical Materials

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