The Center for Nano and Microcontamination Control site at Northeastern University began in August 2002. The Center addresses particulate and chemical contamination and defects that directly affect semiconductor fabrication, where aggressive miniaturization will reduce feature sizes to less than 35 nm in the next 5-10 years. It also affects MEMS and NEMS devices with micro and nanoscale channels, and hard disk head fabrication, which is rapidly approaching semiconductor VLSI feature size.

The Center's goal is to develop state of the art techniques for micro and nanoscale contaminant control, mitigation, removal and characterization in manufacturing and fabrication processes. The Center has already developed two metrology techniques for nanoparticles, and techniques for removing nanoparticles from surfaces and nanoscale trenches.

The Center's research provides understanding of contaminant transport on the micro and nano scale and explore the limitations and promise of contaminant control in nanoscale structures. The Center also offers educational programs to industry in terms of tutorials and workshops that are well attended by companies in the area of contamination control.


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