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During the fall of 2005, leaders of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, including the Commissioner Elmer Bartels, met with staff from the Center for Labor Market Studies and the Commonwealth Corporation to discuss the feasibility of conducting research on the disabled population in the state of Massachusetts and the New England region to improve our knowledge base on the size and characteristics of the disabled population of the state, their geographic locations across the state, their labor market experiences and problems, and their personal and familial economic well-being. During the past few months, research staff within the Center for Labor Market Studies have been analyzing a variety of national, regional, and state data bases that contain information on the disabled population. The focus of our analysis is on those disabled persons who were 16-74 years old. Both children under 16 and the elderly 75 and older, who have very limited labor force attachment, are excluded from the analysis. This research report is the first in our series. It provides a comprehensive array of estimates of the recent size of the adult disabled population, a profile of their demographic/socioeconomic backgrounds, the types of disability problems they experience, and projections of the future size and age composition of the disabled population of the state.


This report was published in March 2006 and was prepared for the Commonwealth Corporation and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Boston, MA by the Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.


disabled adults, adult education

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People with disabilities - Massachusetts


Demography, Population, and Ecology


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