Kaman Madjarov, Sheila Palma, Northeastern University - Center for Labor Market Studies


In our first research report in this series, the findings of the American Community Surveys for calendar years 2003 and 2004 were used to produce a comprehensive profile of the size and demographic/socioeconomic characteristics of the 16-74 year old disabled population of the state. Our second paper provided a detailed description, analysis, and assessment of the labor market behaviors, experiences, and problems of the disabled 16-74 year old population of the state. The paper reviewed the labor force participation behavior, unemployment problems, and employment rates of the 16-74 year old disabled population and compared these findings to those of their non-disabled counterparts in the state and their disabled peers in the New England region and the nation. This paper is primarily designed to examine the economic well-being of the disabled adult population of the state in recent years. The main focus is on estimating the incidence of various types of income inadequacy problems among the state's disabled population,including poverty, near poverty, and low income problems.


This report was published in July 2006 and was prepared for the Commonwealth Corporation and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Boston, MA. by the Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.


disabled adults, adult education

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People with disabilities - Employment - Massachusetts


Labor Economics


Northeastern University

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