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New developments and application of the Matlab hyperspectral image analysis toolbox


The Hyperspectral Image Analysis Toolbox is currently being developed as an element of the CenSSIS Solutionware framework. The objective of the CenSSIS Solutionware team is to develop a set of catalogued tools and toolsets that will provide for the rapid construction of a range of subsurface algorithms and applications. Solutionware tools span toolboxes, visualization toolsets, database systems and application-specific software systems that have been developed in the Center. HIAT provides a computational environment where hyperspectral image processing algorithms developed from research done at UPRM Laboratory for Applied Remote Sensing and Image Processing (LARSIP) at UPRM are readily available to users in the environmental and biomedical communities. A HIAT deployment have been created in order to create an standard alone application.


Poster presented at the 2007 Thrust R3B Solutionware Tools Conference


MATLAB, Hyperspectral Image Analysis, HIAT

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Computer algorithms




Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (Gordon-CenSSIS)

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Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (Gordon-CenSSIS)

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