Providing students and teachers and community college faculty an opportunity to be introduced to current research is central to the educational outreach of the Gordon Center. The Young Scholars Program began in 1989 in response to a national shortage of qualified U.S. citizens moving into STEM careers. Resurrected in 2005 through support from The Noyce Foundation, the NU Young Scholars Program (NUYSP) addresses a critical recommendation made in the recent national report, "Rising Above The Gathering Storm," by providing expanded experiential learning experiences in STEM for K-12 students. The model developed at NU has been refined over the past 17 years to become a comprehensive learning experience for program participants and staff. NUYSP offers future scientists and engineers a unique opportunity for hands-on experience while still in high school. It also provides faculty and graduate students the opportunity to mentor our next generation of STEM professionals. The program seeks to maintain a balance between academic and social components, providing students an opportunity to build relationships with university students and faculty in addition to fellow participants. Our objective is to create and support a STEM community well beyond the six-week summer experience. Summer research internships are also wonderful opportunity for teachers to participate in active research projects in professional laboratory settings. The Northeastern University Research Experience for Teachers Program (RET) began in 2001 and has provided summer internships for 58 participants to date. The success of NU's program lies in the ongoing collaboration between participating teachers and the university research community. RET teachers seize the opportunity to positively impact the lives and education of their students while deeping their own content knowledge. RET's across the coutnry are bridging the gap between K-12 educational requirements and cutting edge reseach by creating innovative classroms that surpass the traditional ambiance of the American Educational experience.


Poster presented at the 2007 Education and Outreach Programs Conference


Young Scholars, Research Experience for Teachers Program

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Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (Gordon-CenSSIS)

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