Objective. To develop, implement, and assess an Internet-based vidcasting project to promote the pharmacist's role in public health. Design. This was a collaborative effort for 2 different courses taught at 2 different schools of pharmacy. Faculty members created a special instructional design for students to follow in planning, producing, and publishing video public service announcements on the Internet.Assessment. Formative and summative assessments, including course examinations, a grading rubric, student survey, and focus group, were implemented to evaluate student learning and public reaction. Students believed Internet video public service announcements served as a useful reference for patients and professionals, aided in promoting disease prevention and wellness initiatives, positively impacted patient-provider relationships, and increased awareness regarding significance and financial impact of disease burden. Conclusion. Producing a public health information video and vidcasting it on the Internet increased pharmacy students' self-esteem, respect for peers, creative and critical-thinking abilities, and understanding of the need for and importance of pharmacists providing accurate public health information.


Originally published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, v.74 no.6 (2010), article no.97. DOI:10.5688/aj710585


public health, instructional design, video, Internet, pharmacists

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Pharmacists - Public relations, Communication in public health, Internet videos


Medical Education | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Public Health


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)

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