Objectives. To develop a valid and reliable active-learning inventory tool for use in large classrooms and compare faculty perceptions of active-learning using the Active-Learning Inventory Tool.Methods. The Active-Learning Inventory Tool was developed using published literature and validated by national experts in educational research. Reliability was established by trained faculty members who used the Active-Learning Inventory Tool to observe 9 pharmacy lectures. Instructors were then interviewed to elicit perceptions regarding active learning and asked to share their perceptions.Results. Per lecture, 13 ( range: 4-34) episodes of active learning encompassing 3 ( range: 2-5) different types of active learning occurred over 2.2 minutes ( 0.6-16) per episode. Both interobserver (>= 87%) and observer-instructor agreement (>= 68%) were high for these outcomes.Conclusions. The Active-Learning Inventory Tool is a valid and reliable tool to measure active learning in the classroom. Future studies are needed to determine the impact of the Active-Learning Inventory Tool on teaching and its usefulness in other disciplines.


Originally published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, v.71 no.5 (2007), article no.85. DOI:10.5688/aj710585


active learning, assessment, peer observation, perceptions, faculty development, pharmacy education

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Active learning - Evaluation, College teaching - Evaluation


Medical Education | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)

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