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Identity and diversity: artist's book


Jenny Asse Chayo, Daniel Chirom, Sonia Chocrón, Teodoro Ducach, Ricardo Feierstein, Juana García Abás, Isaac Goldemberg, Miryam Gover de Nasatsky, Susana Grimberg, Angelina Muñiz Huberman, Rosita Kalina, José Pivín, César Tiempo, Eliahu Toker, Mariana Felcman, Michal Kirchbaum, Susana Beibe, Hugo Goldgel, Adrián Levy Memun, Leonor Coifman, Tomás Wengrowicz, Liana Strasberg, Perla Bajder, Raquel Schwartz, Ileana Piszk Kalina, Lihie Talmor, Raquel Orzuj, Mirta Kupferminc




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Catalog of an exhibition of artist's books displayed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each of the fourteen books features a poem by a Jewish Latin American author, presented in Spanish and English, and an accompanying artistic interpretation. The text of the catalog is presented in Spanish and English.


Original exhibition and catalog co-produced by Northeastern University Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures; the Ministry of External Affairs, International Commerce and Culture of Argentina; the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires; and the City of Buenos Aires.

The artwork of the artist's books may be viewed as a gallery. It is also presented here as supplemental files for download. Additional details about each work can be found in the catalog.

Below, Stephen Sadow speaks about the poets Jenny Asse and Angelina Muñiz, whose work is included in the exhibition. The interview was conducted in May 2012 by May Samra of Enlace Judio. The video is in Spanish.

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artist's books, Jewish poetry, Latin America, bilingual poetry, Spanish poetry


Art and Design | Jewish Studies | Latin American Literature

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