About the Disciplines List

The bepress disciplines taxonomy was developed with advice and consultation from the University of California's California Digital Library. The core of the taxonomy is the US National Academies' three tiered hierarchical structure1, also used by the National Research Council. To this list we've added taxonomies for professional schools from various discipline-specific sources. Chief among them is the Classification of Instructional Programs, 2000 edition, from the US National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES)2. In the case of medical and life sciences, we've followed CDL's recommendation to incorporate selected Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) from the US National Library of Medicine3. The result, we believe, is a flexible and detailed classification system for the majority of academic research. This list of course is by no means a fully complete documentation of all areas of research and we welcome your input and thoughts as to new classifications for inclusion.

Additional Information

  1. National Academies' Three Tiered Taxonomy
  2. NCES Classification of Instructional Programs
  3. National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings