About IRis

Notice: This platform will be replaced by Northeastern University's new Digital Repository Service (DRS) in Fall 2014. After the transition, permanent URLs for files in IRis will redirect to their new locations in the DRS. If you have deposited materials in IRis you will receive a personal communication about the move to the DRS. Users with questions about this transition should contact us.

IRis is a digital archive that collects, manages, preserves, and shares the intellectual output and historical record of Northeastern University.

IRis was launched by the University Libraries in 2006, using Innovative Interfaces' Symposia software. Since December 2009 it has been hosted by Berkeley Electronic Press's Digital Commons solution. Statistics on this site reflect usage of IRis since the switch to Digital Commons. Historical statistics for 2006-2009 will soon be presented on this page.

Why IRis?

Professional Exposure

Showcases scholarship to researchers, funding sources, and others


Offers secure storage of your scholarship or records

Easy Access

Allows others to quickly find, use, and cite your work by using powerful search tools

Enables you to post your work easily

Who is it for?

NU researchers who want to promote and preserve their intellectual output

NU administrators who need to preserve important university records

Anyone seeking information on the intellectual productivity of the Northeastern community or the history of the University.

What can be found in IRis?

  • Research and technical papers
  • Preprints
  • Conference presentations
  • Data sets: statistical, geospatial, etc...
  • Learning objects, such as:
    Interactive models
    Instructional portals
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Journals and books
  • Video and audio recordings of speeches and events
  • Photographs of NU events, buildings, people
  • Key University documents

and more...

For more information about IRis, including how to participate, contact Hillary Corbett.